Arian Timoti

Jeanette is a remarkably insightful coach who has guided (and continues to guide) me through a challenging transitional period in my life (my “quarter life crisis”). She is personable, patient, empathetic, and able to grasp the crucial issues that were holding me back from walking in my purpose. Jeanette was able to break down those hurdles in a way that made it easy for me to understand what I need to refocus on. I have had quite a few “aha moments” with her, lots of food for thought and practical steps to take. I have made significant strides towards my goals after speaking with her in just a few sessions. Jeanette made me feel comfortable and safe to share. I truly feel that she cared not just about helping me achieve my goals, but addressing my inner thoughts, my mindset and overall emotional health. She has truly contributed to making me feel stronger, and more confident in going against the status quo, and walking in my true self. To me that is a true definition of an excellent coach, and I highly recommend giving her a try. Thanks Jeanette, you really came at the right time to my rescue!

Laura Le Vievre

I’m cautious about opening up to professionals… but I’m glad I did. I was blown away at how the first coaching conversation with Jeanette changed my life… then the following ones have done even more of the same! She brought things to the surface and guided me to address them… things that had held me back much more than I’d ever realised!

Now I feel so much lighter – a weight has been lifted. I have more confidence in who I am and in my identity, which I felt I’d lost. I also have excitement for the plans I’m now consequently putting in action for awakened life dreams and goals ahead., testimonials