Arian Timoti

Jeanette is a remarkably insightful coach who has guided (and continues to guide) me through a challenging transitional period in my life (my “quarter life crisis”). She is personable, patient, empathetic, and able to grasp the crucial issues that were holding me back from walking in my purpose. Jeanette was able to break down those hurdles in a way that made it easy for me to understand what I need to refocus on. I have had quite a few “aha moments” with her, lots of food for thought and practical steps to take. I have made significant strides towards my goals after speaking with her in just a few sessions. Jeanette made me feel comfortable and safe to share. I truly feel that she cared not just about helping me achieve my goals, but addressing my inner thoughts, my mindset and overall emotional health. She has truly contributed to making me feel stronger, and more confident in going against the status quo, and walking in my true self. To me that is a true definition of an excellent coach, and I highly recommend giving her a try. Thanks Jeanette, you really came at the right time to my rescue!

Laura Le Vievre

I’m cautious about opening up to professionals… but I’m glad I did. I was blown away at how the first coaching conversation with Jeanette changed my life… then the following ones have done even more of the same! She brought things to the surface and guided me to address them… things that had held me back much more than I’d ever realised!

Now I feel so much lighter – a weight has been lifted. I have more confidence in who I am and in my identity, which I felt I’d lost. I also have excitement for the plans I’m now consequently putting in action for awakened life dreams and goals ahead., testimonials

Nikki Olivier Photography

Making a decision to be coached is sometimes very scary. But for me, it was a necessity! Having 2 children, and being a stay home mum has its benefits, but it is also difficult; because with time you lose yourself. You lose vision and perspective of who you are and what you really want. For so long, everything you do is about your children, husband, home and family. All of a sudden you wake up and realise… they are all grown up and do not need you as much. Now, what – where do I go from here? Who needs me? What skills do I have to move forward, to make a life for myself where I can be of service to people.

Jeanette has helped my find my confidence again, she has taught me and given me the tools to believe in myself. Not to be afraid. I am of great value to this world and I have a lot of knowledge and I have amazing gifts and skills that can be of service to people. There are people that will value what I have to offer. It is through Jeanette’s coaching that I have learned to really stand tall and take ownership of who I am, with my strengths and my weaknesses. I am successful, I have come this far, and I can only go forward from here. Looking back is not an option.

Prinellapy Keable

Thank you for the amazing experiences the other day. It was a great process to sit in and rethink how I perceive and interact with other people.

Jen Curtis

Empowered is how I felt after my sessions with Jeanette. Her professionalism and empathy is second to none. Jeanette has given me the confidence and encouragement to pursue my own endeavours.

Sam-Oorja Spiro

I had a fantastic assessment session with Jeanette. She was spot on and the brilliant thing about this is the change in state I made for myself. Jeanette is a powerfully connected and very in-tune coach and sitting with her feels multi-dimensional. We were connecting in many many ways and the result is that she led me to a place of seeing, deciding to change and then anchoring in that change. So the new (which was always part of me, I just wasn’t focussing on it) now feels very real. My mind is still trying to grasp what happened, but it can’t. And yet I know I have changed! I can’t recommend Jeanette highly enough. I loved our session and definitely going back for more. Thank you sweet lady.

Jan Peters

Absolute Proof

I contacted Jeanette Mundy a few months ago when I was at a crossroads in my life. Jeanette would be one of the most understanding, non-judgmental and level headed professionals I have met in this field.

After four or five sessions, I cam away with a new aspect on life, a more positive outlook and was able to deal with some issues that had been troubling me for a very long time. Jeanette spoke to me on the same level and it was more like a friendly chat.

I would thoroughly recommend Jeanette to anyone who has a glitch in their life and who needs a gentle helping hand to understand and deal with it.

Diana Trinh

I recently had a one hour coaching call with Jeanette and it was amazing! As a designer, I had trouble communicating with my clients and after our call I picked up some new strategies that helped me effectively communicate with them.

The call was professional, but as Jeanette is so personable I was able to learn a lot while having a lot of fun as well! I love Jeanette and highly recommend her for all of her programs and sessions!

Junene Hrycko

Jeanette’s warmth and easygoing nature made working with her a pleasure. I truly felt seen and understood by her. Her deep penetrating questions helped me to look more closely at patterns of thinking I’ve had a long time. I learned that words have power and the way I talk to myself creates my experience. I learned to identify my moods and their meaning. Learning I can shift them had been very empowering. I’m learning how to listen to the information my body is giving me all day long. This alone has been key in helping me make crucial decisions about the way I am living. Anyone who is on a personal growth journey and wants a deeper understanding of themselves and others would do well to invest time in coaching with Jeanette. This is life-changing work.

Chrissy Carr

Community Solutions Mental Health Team

The Workshop that we attended as a Mental Health Team was really wonderful and I think allowed us to look at some of the things that face us and our participants alike, in a fresh light and from a different perspective.  I particularly liked the activities, which I think really made us think about our language, observations and perspectives.  Thank you again, you have a lovely calming way about you and an especially lovely tone in your voice which lends itself to helping people feel very valued and comfortable in your presence!!

Adele Liddle

Thank you so much for our conversation Jeanette! I felt your warmth, respect and curiosity really opened up a new space for me to explore difficulties I have been experiencing. Our session was incredibly helpful at the time, and I’ve also been able to draw on the learning’s repeatedly since then. Your gentle questioning helped me see where I had restricted myself and limited the actions I perceived available to me. Through your ability to gain clarity, show empathy, offer observations and draw out new possibilities, I have been able to achieve more positive outcomes and a different way of being in my relationships, and this is having some great results! I really look forward to our next conversation.

Mala Kennedy

Jeanette is a wonderful coach. She is perceptive and listens deeply from a place of care and concern. I have been coached my Jeanette and found her way of being to be so respectful. She creates and allows space for the coachee to really feel into their breakdowns and move towards resolution in a soulful way. I highly recommend Jeanette a a coach, if you are considering working with her just jump, it will be the best investment you can make in yourself.

Darryl King

Chief Superintendent Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

I have known Jeanette Mundy for some years now and have found her always to be very professional, committed and a person who delivers to the highest quality with integrity. Jeanette was instrumental in the development of a nationally accredited mines response and rescue certificate III program for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. This Program not only was and remains successful but also received the QFES Commissioners Award for Excellence in 2012. I recently engaged Jeanette Mundy Coaching to facilitate a workshop for my team to build our capability. Jeanette’s enthusiasm and professionalism helped make the workshop a great success. I would not hesitate in recommending Jeanette Mundy Coaching for any team building or other activity relative to her services.