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When you speak of love you speak of your voice deep within.  At the depths of your soul write yourself a love letter, a soul letter to remind you that everyday for the rest of your life you can trust in your soul to take care of you. You can transition and transform and explore your way through life in spite of feeling uncertain and vulnerable.  These words are constructs that we’ve bought into and hold on tightly to their avoidance which can have us believing we can never ever be truly content. When you step away from a conversation with these make believe constructs and you step into a conversation with your soul (which is your truth) you will begin to touch the essence of what brings you here and what keeps you here on this earth.  There is no person who can remove your soul without your permission.  Any vulnerable moment of the past is gone. Every uncertain moment in the present and into the future is fictitious. The only truth you can rely upon is the truth that lies within you. That’s all any of us have. Our internal truth.  There is nothing external to you that flows through you as much as your soul flows through you.

A Soul Love Letter

Today I share my own soul’s love letter with you…

“Dear You,

When you listen to me, the voice deep within, my echo you will not deny.  Each resounding moment will reveal what you have always known, the truth. Your truth that commands an equal voice. Respect. But you’ve always known that haven’t you? Your senses speak louder than the external world has you believing but still you deny. When the river flows you cannot stop the strength of the torrent you weren’t expecting…or were you? This insistence to ignore will result in the imminent demise of the soul relationship between you and I. But you already knew this didn’t you? You sly thing. Pushing aside this voice to conserve safety.  


I love you you know? For that love deep within I keep you safe in the knowing that you cannot and will not fail, for failure is a construct that neither you nor I buy into and I am your rock, your reminder that all that flows within you is the making of what you have so bossily instructed me to conserve, and transform. You are the messenger and for that you can be certain will release you from fear.  For it is in your truth that you survive vulnerability and uncertainty.  


The rhythm takes you on a journey through music and dance and song and light through a wonderland which reeks of emotion and experience like you have never experienced before.  Trust me. Step forth and step into my energy for it is there where you reside in the vision of your authentic self. In the flow where you are number 1 ticket holder.  


Trust me as I trust you. Together we are one. There is no me or you and in our awakening we hear the wisdom gently singing in the breeze of life, flowing in and out, under and over and through, and with.  In each passing moment we give rise to trust. We allow uncertainty to take a seat at the table with us because well, why not? Certainly there is more to learn, more to bring home and more to love about the landscape of this vulnerable new way of being than you ever cared to enter into.  


Trust. Step forth. Step into. Step through. Step with. Feel the energy and expand the energy beyond your humble being.  When we reside together as the world beyond what is, we know there is no validation criteria upon which we must meet.   Step forth with me now our truest inner voice and let us learn together.”  

Listen To Your Soul

Whatever you care to believe you can always trust