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Putting everyone else first

Do you ever feel like your challenges keep resurfacing? You can feel change, yet deep down something is still not working for you? Are you living and working hard to make sure everyone else is taken care of? There is something burning inside you waiting for you to step out of the role of being everything to everyone, yet that little seed of doubt keeps popping up over and over, because as a woman, self-doubt seems mandatory?

If you’re like so many women on this planet you’re either sitting here wondering when it’s going to be your time or trying to figure out how to make it your time. You might even be saying – ‘when I have time, money and resources I’ll do it!’¬†

If you’re waiting for your partner to jump on board, or to retire from your job, you are probably feeling some level of frustration, regret or urgency.

I want to reassure you that you don’t need to wait for all the ducks to align. You can start designing the life you want right away.

You can fulfil your dream of living differently to how things are now (even if you don’t know what it looks like)

  • You can shape your financial future
  • You can put your skills and talents to great use
  • You can find meaning and purpose, and
  • You can have better relationships with others (and yourself!)

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