There is power in re-writing your own story when your current story is no longer serving you for what you want to create.

I’m so glad you found your way here.

Let’s start getting to know each other ..

get comfy, settle in with a coffee or tea and let’s begin this journey together shall we?

Putting everyone else first

Do you ever feel like your challenges keep resurfacing? You can feel change, yet deep down something is still not working for you? Are you living and working hard to make sure everyone else is taken care of? There is something burning inside you waiting for you to step out of the role of being everything to everyone, yet that little seed of doubt keeps popping up over and over, because as a woman, self-doubt seems mandatory?

If you’re like so many women on this planet you’re either sitting here wondering when it’s going to be your time or trying to figure out how to make it your time. You might even be saying – ‘when I have time, money and resources I’ll do it!’ 

If you’re waiting for your partner to jump on board, or to retire from your job, you are probably feeling some level of frustration, regret or urgency.

I want to reassure you that you don’t need to wait for all the ducks to align. You can start designing the life you want right away.

You can fulfil your dream of living differently to how things are now (even if you don’t know what it looks like)

  • You can shape your financial future
  • You can put your skills and talents to great use
  • You can find meaning and purpose, and
  • You can have better relationships with others (and yourself!)

Old Stories 

Perhaps you can relate to my old story: Constantly on the go. Pleasing everyone, being the go to person, and feeling unsatisfied, regretful and restless inside. You don’t stop because if you do, you will feel empty and dissatisfied. After all, you’ve learnt that being busy is important to your self-esteem. You know inside you want something to change but you don’t quite know how to take that next step and you fear time is not on your side.  Thinking about it makes you feel anxious because it’s a lot to consider. Changing the status quo, especially knowing how to tell the important people in your life that you are in transition and something is about to be different.  

I can state with conviction you’re in the right place. 

Are you ready to start putting yourself first? To take control of your future, give your soul the medicine it craves so you can begin living joyfully and fulfil the dreams you have stored away inside? 

If your soul is urging you to fill your cup you’re in exactly the right place.

Are you craving a life with more fulfilment?

Are you searching for more meaning, purpose and joy?

About Me

Hi I’m Jeanette! I’m an Ontological Coach. I will help you relinquish self-doubt from the inside out, and step confidently into a life that fills your cup, warms your heart and brings you joy. I’m expert in coaching to your way of being. With this unique methodology you will begin to self-coach your way through any challenging circumstance.

I completed an 18 month post graduate program ontological coaching, conversational technology and mobilize – a leadership program for organisations, individuals to help them navigate the world of work, home, business and community.

With this transformative intuitive approach you will notice significant shifts in your way of being, even in one conversation. However, if you want to make great strides across all areas of your life, I can recommend my whole woman program 

I’ve lived uncomfortable struggles and walked many paths. My biggest struggle was believing I wasn’t smart enough, or good enough.  I had to peel back many many layers of pain as I explored where that (outdated) story came from. I stand here strong and determined to coach you through any challenging circumstance you’re faced with right now, and help you learn the skills to coach yourself.

My Concerns Began Here

At fifteen in suburban Melbourne, Victoria Australia – as a rebellious, confused and emotionally damaged teenager I witnessed children who were the victims of parents in severe distress – who were using physical, psychological and emotional abuse. This changed my worldview. I could see the futures of these children were not bright and I knew individual humans, families and communities were suffering and would continue to suffer if something wasn’t done.

One day I declared; ‘Something must be done to stop this’, and I’ve lived by that declaration ever since. But life doesn’t always go as planned and I had many paths to take before my vision was clear. Fast forward 40 years and I’m still determined to be on that quest. 

Memories of those children are still with me.

My Influence Began Here

Over the years in my swim school businesses I helped thousands of parents by teaching them how to positively influence their children in the swimming pool and beyond. They learnt to articulate their message, and provide positive emotional experiences – which enabled their children to learn swimming and life skills in all sorts of wonderful ways.

I declared a safe swimming environment and inspired parents to do the same at the pool and at home.

Teaching and inspiring is what I do. I transferred these skills into other learning environments – organisational education and change.

Magic happens when your way of being aligns to the things you want to create in the world. I’m the coach that can help you create rich and meaningful experiences and make a difference in the world.

Life Now And Then

I’ve experienced my fair share of pain and utter confusion – and searched deep to figure out why I was put on this earth. I never gave up but I…

  • Compared myself to other people and their success (how would I know?)
  • Compared my gift with other people’s gifts (how un-unique of me!)
  • Compared my ability with other people’s ability (what is that anyway?)
  • Compared my age, size and looks (what the heck… what about wisdom?)
  • Strived for perfectionism (really? how very difficult to live up to!)
  • Compared my background, experience and family (does this even count?)

All that for far too long, until I stopped trying to find my ‘fit’ in someone or something else! I accepted my unique gift and got on with helping others do the same. This lengthy awakening took me many years – I don’t want it to take you that long!

Acknowledging the role we play in our interactions and relationships requires an exploration of the first and most important relationship – you.

“Me first – and the world follows.”

Jeanette x

Soul Release

Women Are Born Leaders

When women lead themselves they lead the world: “Me first, and the world follows.”

I want to live in a world where more women are inspired to do what they are here to do because they truly believe they are beyond adequate – imperfectly perfect for their life’s purpose just as they are.  I believe the world needs a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, genders, ethnicities, cultures, experiences, gifts, desires and world views.

As an ontological coach, I’m the creator of change, of observing through a different lens so that the impossible becomes possible. 

I’ve listened to thousands of unsettled women across the globe and I’m on a mission to help each one of them relinquish self-doubt. I’m here to help you do what you were put here to do by doing one thing – trust your soul.

Soul Discovery

On Women Now

There is an awakening. A collective spirit of women urging the world to take notice. Talented, nurturing, passionate and caring women with a deep desire to create a paradigm shift, beyond the home. This movement is reaching the hearts and souls of women around the globe. Deeply embedded cultural narratives will not stifle, until they do…

“Is it compulsory for women to live in self-doubt and any woman who shows up as confident disrupts the status quo?” Alan Sieler Newfield Institute

Women feel a shift and sense a change – it is not out of reach, but it needs to be observed then awakened. I stand with you to live beyond self-doubt to, awaken your spirit, and be the change you want to see. If you’re an awakening (and maybe a little rebellious) woman sick of doing the same thing and getting the same result, and you’re ready to be inspired to trust and awaken your vision you’ve landed on the right branch – sit with me.

I Believe In Possibility

No matter who you are, what you are currently experiencing, you can unleash the inner struggle of self doubt and develop confidence.  When you do, you will step into your personal power, and thrive.

  • Are you sick of living in self doubt?
  • Do you want to live with confidence?
  • Will your life be better when you unleash the inner struggle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you’re in the right place.

For me?

It begins here. Each day I sat with uncomfortable life changing moments (sooo many), and questions, so I could truly feel what I was here to do, and do it. I courageously (gulp!) declared enough was enough and this is what I chose. Self-acceptance, new thoughts, feelings and emotions and accessing the wisdom of my body, (a novel idea) has b