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I’m not exempt from painful moments. Today is one of those moments. When I need self-coaching I feel it in my emotions and body.  I experience life just as you do.  We’re all human.  It doesn’t make me weak or in anyway compromises my coaching ability.  It makes me acutely aware that life is fickle and that humans are emotional beings.  We all have an intuitive ability to to deeply feel our experiences.  We have been blessed with wisdom that cultivates more and more as we age.  The question is do we listen to this wisdom? I’m sharing with you 5 ways inner learning cultivates wisdom.  And you’ll learn that this doesn’t happen without some pain.  Here is an exert from my diary…

 “Frozen in time. I sit. What does “forward” look like? Every action I take is a result of my emotions, and every emotion, shapes the way I’m experiencing life today. Today, the emotion of ‘frozen’ has won. I’m don’t know how to get past it and as I sit in stillness, I ponder and wonder.  This doesn’t feel like a low. It is somewhere around neutral. The newness of this experience feels odd.  My experience of passion and ambition is hiding, but I know its there because I can feel it in every muscle and joint pain. In pain I feel desperate to show up but there’s no way out. Instead, it pushes forcefully outwards towards the pores of my skin and tips of my joints as a message, and a reminder that something awaits me.

During every single experience of this pain there is a story to be told. That only I know. I honor my personal interpretation and respect and nurture my soul. As a person with the autonomous right to feel, I preserve this experience and allow no one to tell me how I feel, what to do, and how I should do it. I am my own authority and in this moment I accept that today, this is the way things are…”  

Every one of us has times where life just seems hard. It doesn’t matter what age we are there is always something to learn, and boldly I state, treasure. Right in these uncomfortable moments, we get to experience things differently than what we would if we didn’t have them.  As difficult as they can be, they carry the voice of inner learning. The wisdom I experience within this moment gets a voice.  I welcome it. I’m not convinced today that I’m hearing all there is to hear within that deep, inner voice, but if I’m patient, I will.

The 5 Ways to Learn From Yourself Through Your Pain

INNER LEARNING 1: Harness Wisdom Moments

Even if right now, wisdom feels like a foreigner to you, it is there, sitting there listening to every single judgment and opinion, waiting for you to feel its presence.  Learning always lies within, even in those moments where you find yourself ‘parenting’ your choices. The words and emotions are the learning. Don’t push them away. Sit with them, talk to them and nurture them.

INNER LEARNING 2: Self-kindness Over Motivation

Start here! There is no motivation without self-kindness.  As soon as you treat yourself like you would treat others, you’ll begin to let go of resistance. Resistance hides wisdom.  My mentor once stated: “What if there were nothing to achieve…no result to get?” When you let go of resistance, you’ll stop searching for results, you’ll be more present and live in the moment so you can enjoy life as it can be enjoyed.

Sometimes there’s a part of ourselves that we judge so harshly that we don’t’ see it’s happening. We don’t observe it. There’s merit in taking yourself aside, giving yourself permission to have a body and soul day (or week) and just immerse yourself in self-kindness.  It is only our society that tells us this is an indulgence not be afforded to anyone.