Dear Amazing Woman


Yes, you read right. I think you are amazing. Why? you ask.


I understand why you’d ask…


So read this prose I wrote for you below – and you’ll really see what I mean – and you’ll know for sure if you’re in the right place!


I know this is going to take some of your time – and you’re a busy woman too – but when you read it through to the end, you’ll truly know whether this is indeed you I am speaking to.


At the end is one easy step you can take to get exactly what you need.


Warmly, Jeanette, say no confidently, how can I say no

I am woman.


I have learnt, that to be a woman means I must take on many roles; mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend, partner, person to bounce everything off, and last, and mostly least (because well, all the other roles are far more important), career woman.


I am the go to person, I fix all the problems, communicate the complexities of relationships, show true empathy and step up to the matriarchal role whenever the situation arises.


I am everything to everyone. I make promises I must keep, far beyond what I ever imagined the scope of my role to be. I drop everything when you need me. If I’d have known this was my role, maybe I would have crawled quickly back into the womb.


I am the glue that holds the family together.


I am woman.


Scattered is not a metaphor for disorganised. It is my way of being. It is in my DNA. I spread far and wide, and the depth of my involvement is boundless. My energy zapped. My dignity often questioned.


I’m in transition. Always. I’m discovering who I am. I am carer, homemaker, and something is missing. I define my worth through the most important roles in my life. The sister who appears out of know where, the daughter who steps up out of nowhere, the partner who constantly reminds her lover how to take care of the things that matter most, the mother who would throw herself off the bridge to save her child.


My dignity and self-worth are deeply entrenched in this life role. The role I was born into.  I am reasonably happy and I continually remind myself how important family is, how lucky I am and how important my role is.


I am woman.


To step outside of this skin would be to disrupt the status quo and I mustn’t disrupt the status quo. My role is to make people happy and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. My identity is in my role – I am confident there. When I peel that skin back and take a peek outside, the world looks scary. How dare I?


When life is chaotic I question my untaught skills, my ability, and my worth.

Asking, requesting doesn’t seem like an option. What’s the point? I do it all myself…and isn’t it my job anyway?


I scream until I am heard. I cry inside my soul.


I am woman.


To be me, woman, self-doubt is mandatory. Confidence comes and goes, in the roles I have been thrown into, yet beyond those roles…I’m not worthy.


Still I stir inside. Knowing there’s something more, where I hear a whisper; “What if I’m not successful, and what if I can’t do the thing?” This whisper keeps penetrating my thoughts, and I feel it within and throughout my body. Mainly in my heart, and soul. My heart would break if they found out I wasn’t enough.


I see value in others but question my own.


I am woman.


Don’t question my integrity. Don’t question my intentions. I am fragile. The knot in my stomach twists when I’m judged. The anger stirs inside of me when I am questioned.


Asking doesn’t come easy. Giving is natural and easy. I give and give and give and give. Giving is like a switch that won’t turn off. I am content in this crazy role, most of the time…aren’t I?


Moods…I experience them all. Frustration. Resignation. Ambition. Excitement. Joy. Scattered. Content. Grateful. Sense of purpose. Relief. Fragmented thoughts. Confusion. Stress and overwhelm – so much so my head could explode.


I am woman.


I yearn to have purpose beyond what is – much more than being content. I want to burst at the sides with excitement, feel free, light.


If only my brain wasn’t busy processing my list – my ‘to-do’…the burden of my tasks. Oh don’t get me wrong…I am grateful.


Anger…hurt…confusion….stress bubbles up.


I am woman.


My commitments were to take care of you, nurture you and love you unconditionally. But I didn’t say I never wanted more.


Dare I entertain the thought. I am reminded I’m overweight, unfit, not good enough. People don’t care what I think. I’m not enough.


I’m reminded that a woman’s worth is measured on being a good person. And I am a ‘good’ person.


I’m strong, resilient and strive to please.


I am woman.


When you ask me what I have learnt – ha! I say, I have learnt that family is the most important thing in my world, in anyone’s world. This story, narrative, runs deep. It is in my DNA. It’s history tells a grim, yet very important story. I am important. I am a homemaker.


Why would learning be important for me?


I am woman.


I have a dream – and don’t you dare take it off me. Determination is entrenched now. Grit. Get out of my way.

I learn. I learn the hard lessons in life. This time…I want more!


I’d like to believe I can do anything but oh, it’s a stretch. How could I do it all?

This is my lot in life…isn’t it?


Ah, but there is happiness on the other side of the rainbow. These are changing times, and I won’t be truly happy if I can’t find…well, meaning beyond my family.


I speak to those thoughts: ‘Get out of my way’. I speak to self-doubt: ‘Get out of my head’ I don’t know what to do because as long as I can remember I was told who I was and what I should do.


I am woman.


I have a dream and dream I will. Stop knocking self-doubt! Go away.


Trust you say? Oh yes, I know what trust is…It’s honesty. It’s knowing you will do what you say you will do, that you’ll always have my back. Having my back…that’s important to me.


I’ve learnt that giving power to someone else – giving them power to hurt me, and hoping they won’t – that’s how I’ve learnt to trust. Because I am not the authority.


I am woman.


I’m sensitive.


I have watched, listened, observed and been a player in this game of hard knocks all my life. I feel it all, moods, actions, facial expressions, emotions, feelings. Everything. I can even feel my intelligence is on trial 24/7.


I am woman.


Yet I have a dream, a dream that cannot be taken away from me, because it lives inside me.


And dream I will.


I am woman.