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WHOLE WOMAN transformation comes when your new story matches your desires to make magic happen. 

A 12 week one-on-one coaching program for the woman who somehow fell into a life of being everything to everyone else, where self-doubt seemed compulsory, and who is ready to change her reality and share her unique offer to the world.

When your soul is crying out and you’ve been hiding behind your pain for too long.

When you know something is missing but you can’t quite put your finger on it. 

When you’ve got a desire to take a leap but you haven’t yet done it, yet.

Enough is enough – I know you feel that.

You can change that reality.

Take yourself on a journey of self-discovery and create a life that will light up your spirit.

I’m the coach who can help you work out what’s missing, and step into the unknown without disrupting the status quo. Why?

Because I’ve done it too and studied extensively so that I can help women like you do the same. 

So let’s do this – together!

I know, like most women, you may not have invested in yourself so it feels uncomfortable and foreign to you.


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Imagine what your life will look like when you’re doing what you truly love?

Women experience breakdowns across these five key life areas

There are four enemies that intensify their pain

And one HERO they can trust

Over our time together you will ..

Trust your judgments and take intentional actions across every area of your life.

Develop conversational proficiency – an invaluable tool for interactions and relationships.

Put yourself first and design a life that lights up your heart and soul.

Self-coach your way through any challenging situation.

Be a savvy life leader and step out with self confidence and self belief.

This investment in you is priceless.

The Program Phases ..

As an Ontological Coach my job is to help you go beyond the observed and get to know your way of being from the inside out. The potent combination as a professionally trained Ontological Coach, mentor and emotional guide makes way for a powerful entry into your heart and soul.

Enabling you to observe intuitively into your way of being and bring your soul to life, purposefully, intentionally and wisely. My intention is always for you to become personally empowered so you to make self-self-authoriing choices that didn’t seem available to you before.

By doing this inner work, what you already have within you becomes illuminated. You can expect to heal old wounds and open your heart and soul to new beginnings.



1 x 90 minute conversation

Release and Clear the Way

Begin to open the cocoon protecting you and muffling your inner wisdom and what it might be wanting to tell you.

The entry point to explore possibilities and the true expression of who you are becoming. 

Your remaining conversations will be 60 minutes each.

The process is exploring the underlying emotional spaces holding you back and supporting you to integrate a new way of being into your life.



Emotional Learning & Body Wisdom

Exploring underlying emotions associated with your current way of being

Accepting and learning about and through current challenging emotions

Choosing soulfully resourceful emotions

Beginning to live soulfully resourceful emotions 

Exploring associated body posture, tensions & sensations

Shifting through the wisdom and support of your body

Moving into a process of becoming

Using the six language actions to intentionally cultivate commitments and boundaries



Integrated Living

I will be with you while you begin to integrate this new way of observing in everything you do. As your changing, more resourceful way of being makes way for .. 

Integrating new habits and behaviours into your life

Exploring different ways to have resourceful conversations across all your relationships

Showing up as an empowered resourceful human being to those around you

Setting boundaries, making intentional requests and setting intentions for a positive future

Over all you can expect to be more confident and trust yourself to live intentionally and resourcefully across the different domains of your life.



Design Your Offer

This is an intuitive process. During this phase I will coach and mentor you to design your offer to the world. We both walk this path together as you intuitively bring together your passions, skills, and purpose into a unique offer. 

Collaborate inwards with your heart and soul 

Get a clear vision for how you want your future to look

Honouring and clearing any remaining blocks

Clearly express your passions, skills and purpose

Shape these into three possible offer designs

Declare how you would like to show up to the world

Defining the purpose and mission of your offer

Set intentions and boundaries for your offer

Trust your inner wisdom to lead the process

Making commitments for your future


Jeanette’s warmth and easygoing nature made working with her a pleasure. I truly felt seen and understood by her. Her deep penetrating questions helped me to look more closely at patterns of thinking I’ve had a long time. I learned that words have power and the way I talk to myself creates my experience. I learned to identify my moods and their meaning. Learning I can shift them had been very empowering. I’m learning how to listen to the information my body is giving me all day long. This alone has been key in helping me make crucial decisions about the way I am living. Anyone who is on a personal growth journey and wants a deeper understanding of themselves and others would do well to invest time in coaching with Jeanette. This is life-changing work.

Junene Hrycko

  • Get a clear vision of what you truly want even if it seems out of reach right now.

  • Start taking actions that move you forward instead of holding you back.

  • Develop intuition and skills to identify what’s going on in your way of being.

  • Choose higher energy emotional states and moods to take action from.

  • Treat yourself as worthy of a life you truly love.

  • Take charge of creating a fulfilling pathway toward the future.

  • You’ve already created an exciting vision for your future and are confidently living it.

  • You’re not ready to take intentional actions toward what you want, and you’re happy to drift along hoping things will change on their own.

  • You would rather work with your head than your whole way of being.

  • You’re not ready to swap out the enemies that have become avoidance tactics with positive emotional states & clear, purposeful actions.

  • You’re not ready to give yourself self-care, relinquish self-doubt and trust you’ve got this.

In my 12 week Whole Woman coaching program, when you do the inner work, you will be a confident self-designed leader with an offer to the world that speaks to your unique self.

Jeanette has helped my find my confidence again, she has taught me and given me the tools to believe in myself. Not to be afraid. I am of great value to this world and I have a lot of knowledge and I have amazing gifts and skills that can be of service to people. There are people that will value what I have to offer. It is through Jeanette’s coaching that I have learned to really stand tall and take ownership of who I am.

Nikki Olivier Photography

The WHOLE WOMAN coaching package includes:

Ask yourself this… if things were as I want them to be, what would life look like?

Join my Whole Woman coaching program and become the savvy self designed leader of your life.

Schedule a free 20 minute clarity call so we can chat about the possibility of working together, and make this your season to transform your life!

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Jeanette has an incredible amount of knowledge, wisdom and tools I can’t help but be excited about! Every time I talk to her, I leave feeling stronger and more confident… Instead of seeing the hardship I’ve been through as a dark, negative force, I see how my experiences have shaped me, enriched my life in ways I didn’t anticipate and helped me to encourage others.

Laura Le Hare

If you’ve read my story (Meet Jeanette) you will have learnt I’ve been empowering women all my life.

I lived with negative self-beliefs all my life until I didn’t.

My own experience and the hundreds of conversations with other women have taught me women who live this way, compare themselves to others and don’t live how they truly want to live.

There is nothing more important than a woman being a role model for her family by living an aligned, confident life… and this means putting herself first, as strange as this feels.

Who do you want in your corner? 

Someone who shortcuts and promises you a quick-fix strategies that don’t last?

Someone who tells you their way is THE only way and pushes you to go against your gut feelings?


I’m grateful for the soulful freedom that comes from doing what I’m meant to do.

I can’t imagine being stuck (because that’s what it felt like) in a rut of not knowing which way to turn and how to start.

I made a promise to myself to keep going, so I can help other women do the same.

This affordable program is life changing. I can’t wait to work with you and cheer you on.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m still confused about what I want?2018-11-25T15:48:47+10:00

It’s normal to experience confusion. Most women have some level of confusion. Confusion is a state we will explore through your journey. My coaching and programs are designed to help you figure out what you want and where you want to be in life.

With time, patience and learning you will get there. I invite you to explore all your moods from the inside out. You’ll explore and come to your own conclusions.


Is your coaching based on psychology?2018-11-25T15:42:36+10:00

No. I’m not a psychologist. I’m an ontological coach, which is a fancy word that says I work with your whole way of being. Your way of being is an interrelationship between language, emotions and body.

Using the ontological approach I teach you LIFE DESGIN.

My coaching and membership program is based on brain science, biology and philosophy.

In an 18 month immersive program, I learnt the skills to teach you how to design your life from the inside out so you can lead with resourceful emotions, find possibilities, make savvy life choices, & turn your life around.

I’m feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable – what if I can’t do this?2018-11-25T15:51:40+10:00

My programs are designed to have me in your corner coaching, mentoring and supporting you the whole way. You will not be alone. Wherever you want to be in the future, you can get there. I do ask you to communicate your your concerns, and explore as a learner, but this is your journey, and it’s up to you how you ride.

I suffer from depression. Will the program get me out of depression?2018-11-25T15:53:14+10:00

Depression is a mood condition. Because I am trained to work with moods, if you are depressed you are highly likely to experience a shift in mood. However, if you have been diagnosed with depression or any other mental illness, I strongly recommend you visit a trained health professional and discuss the program. In all my coaching programs women typically experience clarity, optimism, self-confidence and joy among other positive emotions and moods. The program does not substitute medical treatment. I am not trained to diagnose and treat depression or other mental illnesses.

Will I develop confidence and my self-esteem improve?2018-11-25T15:54:21+10:00

When we release old patterns of thinking, and choose more resourceful moods we can typically experience life more positively. It is likely that your confidence will improve and you will experience higher levels of self-esteem and self-efficacy. I invite you to share your concerns early in the program.

How do I know if the program is right for me?2018-11-25T15:55:48+10:00

The best way to find out if the program is for you, is to get on a FREE 20 minute call with me.  If you’re currently feeling stuck, or struggling with life direction the program is a good fit. However, the most important person in this equation is you! So jump on a call, and you’ll soon know.  Alternatively you can send me an email.

How does the coaching take place?2018-11-25T18:21:18+10:00

If you’re in a 1:1 program you’ll be attending regular scheduled coaching.

If you’re local we can scheduled face-to-face sessions, but if you’re outside of the Brisbane area we will be conducting the sessions via zoom. As soon as you’ve enrolled for the program I’ll send you a link with my meeting ID which you can use every time we have a session.

Note: If you’re part of my membership program 1:1 coaching is available at a drastically reduced rate.

Do you offer refunds?2018-09-14T12:46:49+10:00

I believe that when you make a decision to commit, you are honouring your deepest desire to make a breakthrough. I am 100% committed to you and to supporting your life journey in return. Under extenuating circumstances, a refund may be offered minus an administration fee (depending upon the circumstances). However, this may be further discussed and clarified at the time of signing your contract. A contract will be provided to you to sign upon registration.

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