The freedom your heart and soul are yearning for is just around the corner for you.

As an ontological coach it is my role to lead you toward your own path. One that you feel a sense of freedom you’ve been yearning for. A path that will allow you to become the confident strong person you have within you.

By doing this inner work, what you already have within you becomes illuminated. You can expect to heal old wounds and open your heart and soul to new beginnings.

It brings my so much joy to see my clients change their lives forever. I’m glad you’re here. Let me help you do the same.



Release and Clear the Way

In one 90-minute session – you will come way with a lot of clarity and decide how you want to move forward.

You can expect to:

  • Explore underlying emotional spaces supporting you or holding you back
  • Discover your underlying negative self-beliefs holding you back
  • Handpick resourceful higher energy emotions to live in
Change Negative Beliefs to Positive Beliefs

In three additional 60 minute sessions – This is a deeper discovery into your heart and soul to discover negative self-beliefs that are creating blocks across the areas of your life. During Soul Release Plus Phase I will be teaching you to use emotions to change your negative self-talk into positive self talk.

You can expect to:

  • Explore new positive beliefs to live by
  • Observe new ways of being in your language, emotions and body
  • Chose one new belief at a time



Emotions & body wisdom

In two 60 minute sessions – I will be with you as you release stubborn habitual low energy emotions, and then integrate new resourceful high-energy emotions into your life and way of being. You will discover your inner wisdom and use it to support you throughout your life.

You can expect to:

  • Shift away from low energy emotions
  • Shift toward high energy emotions
  • Explore associated body posture, tensions & sensations
  • Make positive shifts through the wisdom and support of your body

In two 60 minute sessions – I will support you while you use very powerful new words and turn them into powerful thoughts and beliefs about yourself. This powerful new words and thoughts approach to your future will support your interactions and relationships – including the relationship you have with yourself.

You can expect to:

  • Use the six language actions to set personal boundaries
  • Deactivate approval and take  your own authority
  • Choose new positive language

Investment: $1200 upfront payment

(Payment plans available on payment page), testimonials

Jeanette is a remarkably insightful coach who has guided (and continues to guide) me through a challenging transitional period in my life (my “quarter life crisis”). She is personable, patient, empathetic, and able to grasp the crucial issues that were holding me back from walking in my purpose. Jeanette was able to break down those hurdles in a way that made it easy for me to understand what I need to refocus on. I have had quite a few “aha moments” with her, lots of food for thought and practical steps to take. I have made significant strides towards my goals after speaking with her in just a few sessions. Jeanette made me feel comfortable and safe to share. I truly feel that she cared not just about helping me achieve my goals, but addressing my inner thoughts, my mindset and overall emotional health. She has truly contributed to making me feel stronger, and more confident in going against the status quo, and walking in my true self.

I rewrote my story so you could rewrite yours, inspired, actioned, clear picture, vision, aligned

I am Jeanette, your intuitive and deeply caring ontological coach

Here to support you through every layer you wish to peel back

Enabling you to create a different reality

“This work is life-changing” 

– Junene Hrycko

I’m so excited to start working with you

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