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www.jeanettemundy.com, work with me, life design coach, life coach, coaching, whole woman program, be your own hero

 The wise owl was still. She listened.

Have you ever noticed an owl

sitting still,on the branch of a tree,

watching, listening?

I sit with you to give life to

the words taking up space in your body,

the thoughts that consume your head,

and the emotions that well up deep inside you.

Trapped, suppressed, ignored,

yet somehow intuitively noticed.

Change comes from within you.

You are not broken. Nor are you fixed.

You are a fluid human in every aspect,

growing, evolving and conserving

all when it is humanly necessary

to take care of your concerns.

Your body is your protective cocoon for words,

thoughts, emotions, moods and bodily sensations,

continuously making subtle shifts.

Some, so subtle, you do not observe.

And me…I hold the space,

and illuminate the nuances

that stop you from observing,

and seeking possibilities, within your reach.

The wise owl stays for as long as you need.

Exploring, questioning and safely enabling you

to strengthen your capacity for action.

In this space your vision is born,

and empowered confident steps

take you toward your dreams.

Slowly away from the wise owl.

Because you are not broken. Nor are you fixed.

There is no greater gift than the gift you give yourself.

Ontological Coaching will sooth your soul and awaken your senses.

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