Heart-Centred Change: Episode 3 – Words Make the World

2018-02-03T11:13:02+10:00January 14th, 2018|Podcast|

Words don’t just describe the world we live in - they are actions that create our reality. Interestingly...if you feel stuck or want to change a particular behaviour, you can use words to create a process that works for you, not against you. Listen to Jeanete & Linnet and find out how to start noticing your language actions.

Heart-Centred Change: Episode 2 – The Mystery Of Listening

2017-12-18T08:21:28+10:00December 15th, 2017|Podcast|

Have you heard of the three A's of listening? And have you ever thought about how we generate meaning as we listen? Turns out what's really going on when we think someone is hearing what we say is really a bit of a mystery. Jeanette and Linnet share some of what they have learnt about this and making a change.