How To Stop the Power Struggle in Your Relationships

2018-12-11T11:10:57+10:00December 8th, 2018|Awakening Intuition, Harnessing Emotions, Positive Relationships|

    There is a power struggle in relationships that renders us unable to reflect and gain personal insight. The irony is that to stop the power struggle we need reflection and personal insight. It’s [...]

Why Emotional Responsibility Will Set You Free

2018-12-11T11:20:21+10:00June 29th, 2018|Awakening Intuition, Building Confidence, Embracing Uncertainty, Harnessing Emotions, Positive Relationships, Self Doubt to Self Love|

      Something was eating me up inside and I felt as though I was losing control. No matter how hard I tried to stop my behaviour, I couldn’t… because it was masking my [...]

Why Self-Doubt is Not Logical (And How to Challenge It)

2018-12-13T10:15:36+10:00June 29th, 2017|Awakening Intuition, Building Confidence, Self Doubt to Self Love|

  The beaches on Bribie Island Australia are peaceful and calm. Visiting ignites my senses and brings me alive, filling my heart with emotional experiences that my body urges me to savor for a lifetime. [...]

10 Habits of Self-Authoring Women

2018-12-23T21:07:03+10:00April 24th, 2017|Awakening Intuition, Building Confidence, Positive Relationships, Your Purpose|

    I attended a professional development workshop in Australia few years ago called 'Conversational Technology' by Newfield Institute. The focus of the workshop was on the power of relationships in our everyday lives. We [...]

7 Hot Tips On How To Give Others A Voice Without Giving Them Authority

2018-12-11T11:56:04+10:00April 6th, 2017|Awakening Intuition, Building Confidence, Positive Relationships, Self Doubt to Self Love|

  Living a self-authoring life means relying on and trusting in your intuition, voicing your own concerns and following your own heart and soul... rather than handing over your authority to anyone else. Humans do [...]

Why The Most Important Conversation Is The One You Have With Yourself

2018-12-11T12:22:05+10:00June 15th, 2016|Awakening Intuition, Building Confidence, Positive Relationships|

    It seems to me that conversation is perhaps the most overlooked source of learning. What can be revealed in conversations to really listen deeply to what you're saying to yourself, as well as [...]