Nurture and protect your unique offer to the world

Many years ago I started my own business. Fresh out of management roles in the Vocational Education Sector in large and small organisations and at an earlier time in my own swim school business as a trainer, coach, course developer, content writer, and auditor – phew – I thought I knew what it would take and exactly what I wanted it to look like. I was blind.

I was fortunate to have a bunch of skills such as a methodology called conversational technology, ontological coaching, training and course development. What I didn’t know, was how to apply these skills in a new business model. I had been in business all my life but now things were new. Very new.

With these skills, hindsight, and loads of challenging pitfalls along the way, five years on I am equipped and ready to help you wherever you are right now in your  business path. Its a transition .. and every transition has it’s challenges. 

I’m going to help you protect your greatest asset in business.


What makes your business successful?

All of this comes about through your way of being and your skills, both working in synergy to support your developing business offer.

With the following blend of skills and talents I’m the perfect person to help you move through this transition and land where you feel uniquely aligned to your souls purpose.

Ontological Coach

Conversational Technology Trainer

Course Developer

Vocational Trainer and Assessor

Organisational Change Manager

Professional Development Manager

Workshop Facilitator

What is your next step?

Everybody needs something different

I invite you to take the time to consider if this is really for you before jumping in. I’m taking on clients just like you who really want to set their business up in complete alignment to who you are becoming. If you’re a bit confused or don’t feel ready, then that’s okay too. It might be that coaching is more appropriate for where you’re at right now. I can help you to figure this out through a conversation.