Freedom comes from within

Expand your intuition and be the leader you were born to be

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Hello, I’m Jeanette.

I’m an Ontological Coach.

Ontological Coaching is a powerful approach to generate permanent change form the inside out.

I work with you around your way of being; language, emotions and body ..

all the facets of your life that make you human.

I will help you make powerful shifts in your way of being and positively reconstruct your current reality.

No matter where you’re at I will support you to flourish.

When women don’t follow their heart they become disillusioned and dissatisfied.

Women have it within them to lead rich and fulfilling lives.

Yet there are many women who are very unclear about what they want, and they struggle to trust themselves.

I’m here to help you articulate what you want and need, visualise a future beyond what is, do what you were born to do by truly trusting yourself from inside your heart and soul.

Let me help you!